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Artist Statement

Artist Statement on Jewelry and Design


The symbolism of jewelry is alive and strong everywhere you look. It ranges from a status symbol of wealth and social class to a personal statement in the celebration of adornment or social commentary where class and status do not matter; from an investment piece of high-karat gold and precious stones to the piece made from found objects that carries no real financial investment in raw materials, yet has great aesthetic appeal in design and creativity.  It’s all good and worthy of notice; a grain within the spice that makes up the flavor of humanity. All jewelers and designers deal with color, texture and pattern in one form or another, but each of us brings our own personal vision as we express our passions through our work. It’s the same with how one chooses their adornment.

The jewelry one wears makes a statement about who they are and what they value. It gives a glimpse into their personality without saying a word. It can carry great personal sentimental value. I have earrings that represent close friendships and personal achievements, a bracelet that reminds me of a snorkeling trip in the Caribbean, precious heirlooms from my ancestors as well as pieces that simply spoke to me when I saw them and knew they had to be mine.

I strive to design and fabricate jewelry that is well made, is comfortable and will have a personal connection for its wearer. The elements are clean and simple; whether beach stones, beach glass, pottery shards or ceramic cabochons, the emphasis is on composition.
I can find inspiration in most anything I slow down long enough to appreciate. Over the years, woodland ferns and mounds of moss, craggy old rock formations, the architectural structure of buildings, positive and negative spatial relationships, even the fragments of broken pavement along the roads I walk, have all inspired my work. It’s what makes the artist in me tick and there are always new ideas waiting in the wings to be realized.

I love each stage of the fabrication process. I personally hand fabricate each of my pieces with great attention to detail with the intention of offering a simple elegance in the design and construction. There is a quiet perseverance that comes with a sizable production run of bezel construction that I find satisfying. The progress at the end of the day makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something and gives me the motivation and inspirations for tomorrow. I feel rewarded when my work speaks to someone’s soul.  I am very fortunate to be able to get up and go to work most every day doing something that I so love to do.