Stone Basket Earrings :: 2.0 S Darkest Green to Black #19

Stone Basket Earrings :: 2.0 S Darkest Green to Black #19


The stone basket 2.0 has been designed to have the ear wire integrated into the actual structure of the earring. When worn, there is no visual clue as to how you put it on other than the little piece of tubing that the end of the ear wire is secured within. When putting the earrings on, notice that the joint of the ear wire is at the top of the arch. That part actually sits just at the entrance of your ear hole when worn. Gently lift the ear wire out of the tubing and open it just enough to get your earlobe in, (don’t pull it wide open as this can stress that joint unnecessarily). Once the ear wire is through the ear hole and in place, very gently pull down on the stone just a smidge as you lift the ear wire into the tubing that sits on the ‘table' of the stone. I find this infinitely easier if you do it by feel and not looking in the mirror. 
This design is super comfortable, doesn’t fall off, and is hat and phone friendly. They are my all occasion go to earrings! All of the earrings (unless otherwise specified as 14 or 18k yellow gold) are made of fine and sterling silver. The bezel band is fine silver, the balance of the metal is sterling silver.


SB2S19 Darkest Green to Black  1 3/8” h x 9/16” w x 3/16” d at the center of the table. Weight 0.06 ounce per earring. 

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