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spot-blair-beach.jpgAbout Blair

Childhood experiences become ingrained in our makeup as adults.  As a child, I would lie in bed on stormy winter mornings and count the seconds between the soundings of the foghorn from the lighthouse. If the moans of the foghorn were closer than usual, there would be no school that day.

My spiritual home is along the coastline. Drawn to the sounds, smells and sight of the sea, I have always had a deep-seated connection to the ocean. I am a swimmer, a rower and a tireless wanderer and scavenger of the shoreline. From the tumbling sound of the stones rolling up and down the rocky beach to the taste of moist salt air in the back of my throat on an early summer morning or the (hopefully) gentle waves that lap against the side of my ocean rowing shell as I row with friends in the warmth of the afternoon sun, the ocean is a constant source of solace and inspiration.

I am a native New Englander, born and lived briefly in Connecticut, grew up in Marblehead, Mass., attended college in Vermont (UVM) and transferred to Rhode Island School of Design where I graduated with a BFA in Ceramics.  Out of college, I made pots and exhibited them in gallery exhibitions across the country. I had a custom ceramic tile business, working with a showroom in NYC. I made the move to metalsmithing when my first son Alex was born, which was a time of real transition for me. I lived on a small island in southern Maine for about 20 years where my two sons Alex and Nicholas grew up with a great draw to the outdoors and endless activities in the woods, in the mud and on the beach. To this day, when the dining room table becomes an island of beach stones for sorting, my sons and their friends will sit there examining the patterns in a fascinated interest. I smile to see them notice such details in this world of overstimulation that we live in.

I now reside in the wonderfully agricultural community of Lee, NH with my husband Bruce Derr, my youngest son Nick, our cats Athena and Ares and the Papillion Riley.

This is where I continue to blend family with the studio, the garlic garden and everything one can cook with the garlic, a constant flow of knitting, the commotion of nutty pets, the amazing sounds of the pedal steel guitar from my musician husband Bruce, the whirl of energy from Nick with his music, work and college studies and my endless passion for life.