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 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I have collected 99.9% of all the stones that I work with. (Every now and then, someone will gift me a pocketful of stones that they collected from a far away place) The finish on all of the stones is their natural finish in the state in which I found them. You can rub an oil or Mother’s Wax on them to darken the color a bit but I find that, with handling, the natural oils in your skin will do that as well. It can be scrubbed off with soap and water if you want it brightened up.

I am often asked about the difference between Fine Silver and Sterling Silver and why I use both. Sterling silver is .925 % pure silver and is alloyed making it a bit harder than fine silver. Fine silver is .999% pure silver, is slightly more malleable, has a ‘softer or less bright’ color, and tarnishes a bit less. I prefer the color of the fine silver and it’s great for setting the stones. All of the components that demand a bit more durability are made of sterling, most of the bezel bands (the silver that encircles the perimeter of the stone) are of fine silver.

All of the stones that I work with have been either cut in half or flattened down on a grinding wheel to make them thinner and lighter. Rarely will someone say a piece is too heavy - more often customers say that it is lighter than they were expecting. If you are concerned about a certain piece, I am happy to weigh it for you prior to purchasing - you just need to send me a note.


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